I was born in Miskolc and my musical activities started here too. I learnt at Egressy Béni school of music on cello faculty. I could sing in the choir of this school. The best experience was for me if we could sing or play music together during the trips, concerts and competitions.
I continued my studies at Zrínyi Ilona Grammar School in Miskolc on music faculty.
After the graduation I studied at Eszterházy Károly Teacher Training College in Eger on music- history faculty, and got the basis of choral conducting. I could sing in the mixed- and female group of the choir. From 1993 I moved to Somogy county where I taught children in a lot of primary and schools of music. The most determinative experiencies were in Balatonboglár-Balatonlelle: 1998–2000 Sotto Voce chamber choir, 2003–2008 Pelso Vox vocal ensemble.
2000–2012: Balatonboglár – I was the conductor of the mixed-choir. During the years we participated on lots of performancies in our town and the county.We had partnerships with other foreign choirs (Germany, France, Transylvania etc).
In 2012 I moved to Sopron where I could find Fidelissima mixed-choir. They carried out high quality work with the leadership of Arany János and we found a hosted community with my partner.
Currently I am teaching at the primary school in Pereszteg and I am living here.
After Arany János conductor had got away from the choir, I was asked to continue his 20-year old valuable work.